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At any given moment, the evolving landscape is a record--a visual memory bank-- of what geological, meteorological, and biological agents have been up to in recent eons. Some memory banks evolve more rapidly than others. Although they are actually transitory, mountain ranges, for example, seem eternal compared to lakes which in most cases were created only yesterday and will disappear tomorrow morning before breakfast at the very latest.

Of all the world's lakes, two in Oregon--Crater Lake and Wallowa Lake--are among the foremost examples of the kind of landscape whose very appearance compellingly suggests an unusually recent and dramatic origin. These are landscapes that virtually tell a story at a glance, landscapes that you can't look at without wondering how they got that way. Crater Lake's story is that of a violent volcano, Wallowa Lake's of advancing and retreating glaciers. Most of the lakes in this collection of photos are in fact glacial in origin--not surprising if in fact we humans are living during an interglacial period and should ourselves be classified as transitory debris left over from the last glacial period. It is hard to look at any of these lakes without a sense that if we had been born only a few weeks earlier we might have seen them being made.

So ephemeral are lakes that photographers are sometimes seized by an urgent, nagging need to photograph them immediately before they disappear forever. Certainly this is true for mountain lakes such as Glacier and Mirror Lakes in the Wallowas, Lost and Trillium Lakes in the Cascades, and for any of the evanescent holdovers from the last Ice Age in the parched Great Basin such as Wildhorse Lake or Malheur or Summer Lakes or Lake Abert.

Having lived at the foot of Wallowa Lake for over thirty years and because I have exposed a fortune in professional format film of these subjects , I believe I have the most extensive collection of photos of Wallowa Lake that exists.

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Wallowa Lake

Balsam Root Cottonwood View Beached Arch Big Lichened Boulder
Cottonwoods Joseph From Joseph Wide View Wallowa Lake From Mount Joseph
Frozen Floes Erratic Shore Paintbrush and Clouds Frost On Ice
December Sunset
Autumn Sun Moonset At Sunrise December Sunset Flowered Moraine
Joseph Reflected Pale Paintbrush October Frame Moraines of Wallowa Lake
New Flowers Paintbrush and Wallowa LAke Winter Sunset November Sunset
Textured Sunrise Winter Thaw Teepee Camp Cold Sunset

Lakes In The Wallowas

Avalanche Pond Sunshine Lake Heather and glacier Lake Glacier Peak Sunrise
West Face Of The Matterhon Matterhorn West Wall Whitebark View Lakes Basin
Glacier Peak Sunset      

Crater Lake

Wizard Island Bannered Sky Still Waters July Sunrise
Lichened Andesite Lichened Whitebark Sunset Reflected View From The Watchman

Lakes in Cascades

Klamath Lake, Mt. McLoughlin Lost Lake Jefferson Park Russell Lake, Mt. Jefferson
Big Lake, Mt. Washington Lost Lake Moonrise South Sister Sunset Diamond Lake, Mt. Thielsen

Lakes in Elkhorn Range

Anthony Sunset Ice On Rock Creek Lake Thawing Anthony Lake Elkhorn Sunset
Autumn at Anthony Rock Creek Lake Shooting Stars Sunrise Rock Creek Lake
Rock Creek Cirque Thawing Rock Creek Lake