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This page includes photos of farms, livestock, small towns, buildings, highways, barns, fences, fields, crops, orchards, gravel roads, ruins, ghost towns, and whatever else might disqualify a photo as a depiction of a pristine wilderness. The emphasis here is on the Wallowa Valley in northeast Oregon, one of the few locations anywhere that combines wilderness (loosely defined) and human settlement in a way that looks good to the camera (or at least to my camera).

Wallowa Valley
Prairie Creek Sunrise Valley of Winding Waters Chief Joseph Mountain From The Wallowa valley Barn And The High Wallowas
Leap Sheep Prairie Meanders Chief Joseph Days Stampede Wallowa Valley Sheep
Convergence Pumpkin Ridge Sunrise Run Winter On Hurricane Creek
Wallowa Range Wildflowers Along Prairie Creek Zumwalt Schoolhouse Powder River Valley
Bales Wallowa Valley July Horse And Barn Main Street, Joseph, Oregon
Grande Ronde Valley Hood River Valley Umatilla Stubble Town of Joseph
Last Light      
Green Fields In The Wallowa Valley Green Fields And The Wallowa Valley
Wallowa Valley Pastoral