David Jensen Photography

Great Basin Images and Prints

Steens Mountain--an immense, glacier carved layer-cake of basalt lava flows--is the best known feature of Oregon's Great Basin. Perhaps the most prominent and striking supporting feature is the Alvord Desert, with only 7 inches of annual rainfall the most arid location in Oregon. In wet years, the Alvord sometimes becomes a shallow lake, testifying to the fact that in the Great Basin streams have nowhere to go except into desert playas such as this stark, bleak landscape. In addition to photos of Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert, I have photos of such locations as Diamond Craters, the Pueblo Mountains, Hart Mountain, Warner Valley, Fort Rock, Glass Mountain, the Lost Forest, the Lost Forest Dunes, Donner and Blitzen Rivers, and Malheur Lake among others.


Steens Mountain
Steens Mountain and Desert Paintbrush Sunset From the Alvord Desert Alvord Desert And Steens Mountain
Steens Mountain Sunrise Glacier Polish and Erratic Boulders Alvord Desert Sunrise
First Light On Steens Mountain Wild Horse Lake Steens Mountain From Alvord Basin
Sunrise On The Alvord Desert Playa Downpour, Malheur NWR