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Oregon River Images and Prints

Defined broadly, a river is an entire drainage system or watershed which includes mountains, narrow canyons, broad valleys, and human settlements--everything in Oregon in fact except the Great Basin and the Coast. Obviously, "river" on this page is defined more narrowly--some "river" (in the broad sense) photos appear not on this page but on mountain, valley, and canyon pages.

Included on this page are photos of the Columbia and of most of the prominent river systems in eastern Oregon, including remote locations in wilderness areas and more accessible rural scenes. There are photos of the Snake, Imnaha, Grande Ronde, Owyhee, Crooked, John Day, and Deschutes Rivers among others. There are probably even some creeks. Included here under "rivers" are also a few photos of scenes lacking any water all. Organizing photos can be a chore.


Sumac and Imnaha River Canyon of the Imnaha River of the west Snake River At Granite Falls
Cascade Lostine Cascade
Buckhorn Beams Canyon Country Imnaha Sunrise
Hells Canyon Rock Garden
Crooked River Rapids Owyhee River Moonset Owyhee Moonrise Lake Billy Chinook
Owyhee Winter Land of Winding Waters Crooked River and Red Fin St. Peters Dome
Deschutes River State Park Deschutes River Near Mack Canyon Deschutes River Sunrise Sumac and Deschutes River
Arch Bend, John Day River Horseshoe Bend John Day River John Day River and Sheep Rock Hood River
Confluence Deschutes and Columbia Columbia River From Dog Mountain Dunes and Columbia River Sand Dunes Along The Columbia River
Crown Point