David Jensen Photography

Oregon Mountain Images and Prints

Included here are photos of most of Oregon's mountains that are high enough to have been glaciated during the Pleistocene--the high volcanos of the Cascades, the granite peaks of the Elkhorn Range, the granite and marble summits of the Wallowa Mountains, and the immense fault block of Steens Mountain. There are roadside views of iconic mountains such as Mt. Hood and, at the other extreme, photos created during stormy bivouacs on high and remote peaks that few people have ever heard of. There are images of above timberline crags, snowfields, and glaciers and also lower elevation views of waterfalls, forests, meadows, and wildflowers. Included also are images of that distinctive feature of the Cascade Range--the Columbia River Gorge.

Included here are Eagle Cap Wilderness Photos, Three Sisters Wilderness photos, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness photos, Strawberry Wilderness photos, Mt. Hood Wilderness photos, Crater lake National Park photos, and Steens Mountain photos in Oregon's Great Basin. Having lived at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains and the Eagle Cap wilderness for over thirty years and having exposed a fortune in professional format film of these subjects all the while, I might have by far the most extensive collection of photos of the Wallowa Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness that can be found.

Cascade Range

Mt Jefferson
Dawn South Sister Mt. Jefferson and Paintbrush Lost Lake Rhododendron
South Sister Sunset Wizard Island Lost Lake Moonrise Hayden Glacier
Mt. Hood and Columbia River Volcano Line up Volcanic sunrise Mt. Hood North Face
Eliot Glacier Afterglow Russell Lake Mt. Jefferson Three fingered Jack St. Peter's Dome
Mt. Jefferson In Jefferson Park Crown Point Vieled Sunrise Sunstars
Lichens on Whitebark Lichens on Andesite Klamath Lake Mt. McLoughlin Diamond Lake Mt. Thielsen
Crater Lake From The Watchman Reflected Sunrise Sunset Reflected Sunset On Mt. Hood With Moon

Wallowa Mountains

Boulder On Chief Joseph Mountain Wallowa Mountain Winter Sunrise Moraines Of Wallowa Lake West Face Matterhorn
Big Pine Flat Sunrise Sacajawea North Face Sacajawea Peak Fourth Of July sunset From Pete's Point
Eagle Cap Sunset Lostine Penstemon Snake River At Granite Falls Lostine Paintbrush
Avalanche Pond Heather and Eagle Cap Rainbow Sunset Sunshine Lake
Cascade Heather And Glacier Lake Glacier Peak Sunrise Glacier Peak Sunset
Whitebark View Hawthornes Along The Wallowa River Hurwal Divide Lakes Basin
Larch In Pine Forest Lostine Cascade Cottonwoods And Wild Rose Lostine River Sunset
Matterhorn West Wall Miner's Cabin Teepee And Chief Joseph Mountain Sacajawea Sunset
Lostine Penstemons      

Elkhorn Range

Thawing Anthony Lake Autumn At Anthony Lake Elkhorn Sunset Anthony sunset
Iced Pines And Firs Sunset On Firs Rock Creek Lake Moon Over Rock Creek Butte
Thawing Rock Creek Lake Ice On Rock Creek Lake Rock Creek Cirque Sunrise Rock Creek Lake

Steens Mountain

Steens Mountain
First Light On Steens Mountain Desert Paintbrush Glacier Polish And Erratics Alvord Desert Playa
Great Basin sunrise Wild Horse Lake Alvord Desert Alvord Desert Sunset